In the premiere episode of “Kranky Notions,” Jeff takes a closer look at the current dispute over thick and thin and brutalist and humanitarian libertarianism. He ends up proposing his own version of thick libertarianism and explains why he’d like to see it more widely adopted.

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  • After reading two great articles: 1. The Limits of Libertarianism – Will Moyer 2. Against Libertarian Brutalism – Jeffrey Tucker I’ve been thinking about the idea that libertarians are often inflexible and unable to adapt. They stick to the books and have a “Mises Tower*” view of the world. What do you think, is this way of looking things a poison to the philosophy? A Ying for the Yang? The proper way of looking at things (maybe because the opposite leads to socialism)? * Like “Ivory Tower”

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  • Thin (lean) is the way to go.  Thick, not so much.

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  • Here’s a link to the article: Exerpt: “The trouble is that by attempting to redefine a narrow political philosophy to encompass all things that we like and think are nice – like non-discrimination, like treating people as ends rather than means – we dilute its power and simplicity. We destroy what makes it great. Once we proceed down the road of declaring everything we think is good to be “libertarian,” we will quickly find that libertarianism suddenly has no meaning at all.”

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