John and Ian discuss the right to rule, legitimacy, and why Joffrey was a little punk.  We also give small reviews of the new Star Wars trailer and Dardevil.

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  • Discussion topics: A lot of power is displayed through the episode as always. Why do you think Theon didn’t kill his “master” when he was ordered to shave him? Tyrion Lannister had to send his wife away on a ship after being found out that he had a relationship with Sansa’s handmaiden. Do you think they will keep in touch going into the future? How do you feel about Melisandre telling a child that she lives in hell? Do you think religion is a healthy thing for a child? King Geoffrey is dead, and Arya wasn’t the want to put the needle through his neck! How do you feel about his end? What about him blaming his death on his uncle just before passing?

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  • So, we are living in a new renaissance of TV.  I mean Game of Thrones, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Breaking Bad, etc.   Aside from the fact that all of these shows tend to have Libertarian undertones, it seems that the lack of broadcast television gatekeepers has opened up this new level media quality from writing to acting.  Could it just be that markets are opening up and competition is forcing a better quality show, or is it something more?  What are your thoughts on this shift from cable and broadcast TV that affects both consumption and production?  Am I right in my observation?

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  • I guess I like the classic “EpiFat” sound (Epitaph + Fat Wreck Chords). Some bands I like right now are Banner Pilot, Off With Their Heads, The Menzingers, Direct Hit, Masked Intruder, Iron Chic and other fast pop punk bands.

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  • As a Star Wars fan, I’ve long been fascinated with the subtle messages it transmits about the tyranny, war and liberty. Say what you think about it.

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  • Before Robert Baratheon overthrew King Aerys Targaryen the Seven Kingdoms were a relatively nice place to live.  There was a balanced budget (a surplus actually), the peasants had food, and there was free trade between the kingdoms.  Sure, Aerys burned alive a handful of his own constituents every year or so but what medieval ruler didn’t?  Sure beat starting wars where hundreds of thousands died. That’s pretty much what Baratheon and his lap dog Ned accomplished.  Robert was in love with Ned’s sister Lyanna.  But Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen (Aerys’ son) had a discreet thing going.  Robert finds out, goes nuts.  Starts spreading propaganda – backed by his in-law’s (the power hungry Lannisters) money and influence.   Some of the kingdoms buy into it, old grudges re-surface, promises of land and money sway those on the fence and boom – you got yourself an insurgency – I mean “rebellion”. Aerys is labeled “mad” and needs to be disposed of. Fast forward to Robert’s time on the throne – budget deficit (they actually have to borrow gold from the First Bank of Braavos, something Aerys would never have done), peasants rioting, and a continental war that has no end in sight.

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