Interviewee: Kenton Ralph Toews, Investment Executive, Sprott Global

Discussing investor psychology. When the bubble gets going it keeps going, but this is not a reason to participate in feeding frenzy. Some investors feel interested in investing only when the share prices have gone up. This is usually the worst time to invest. Of course when the prices are low, it does not feel good, but often this is a good time to take a position. Buy when no one is watching and no one wants to invest. In the short-term it is sentiments that drive the prices. Only a rare person has the courage to invest when no one cares. Most people buy high and sell low. In the short-term, bad behaviour—following momentum and herds—can pay off, but this is not the reason to buy. It is necessary to remove emotions from investment decisions. Most people look at stock charts to decide whether to buy or sell, but charts tell you nothing about value. No one has ever become wealthy by doing technical analysis. Also, most people do not like to be in cash. They should condition themselves to hold cash. Only when you have cash can you position yourself to buy low. Of course, low-interest rate obviously force people to get rid of their cash, a moral dilemma that federal banks force upon us.

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  • Currently Central Fund of Canada (symbol: CEF) is trading at a 6.1% discount to NAV: The fund is roughly half gold/half silver.  At times the NAV can get to 5+%, so if you buy at a discount like this, it can be very rewarding.  Owning physical is great of course, but if you’re looking to add more to your holding, this is a smart way to do it.

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  • Hi there! Can anyone give me some initial advice on where and how to purchase and store physical gold? I’ve never done this before and I figure this is probably the most trustworthy forum for such advice. A bit about my situation. I’m from the UK (Northern Ireland) and have bought gold coins in the past but these were always delivered to me and are in my own possession. I want to buy and store a much larger amount as safely as possible because holding this gold myself is not really an option. My reasoning is that I am considering selling my house and travelling around the world on a motorbike. Ultimately I would like to buy a rental property somewhere that would provide me with some passive income while I travel but would probably rule out the UK. This means I need to put the value somewhere in the mean time and it certainly is not going to be put in a bank! Thanks

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  • How will people generate income and/or put food on the table as A.I. and automation continue to become more capable, self-learning, and cheaper? Eventually humans will be “unemployable”, much like horses are “unemployable” today, except for narrow novelty purposes (entertainment, sport, horse drawn carriages, etc.). How do we prep for technological unemployment?

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