A world traveler from Norway—corruption and chaos he experienced in India. There is almost no concept of critical thinking in India. Freedom of living in England. Norway a very organized society. Is India a mystical wonderland? Should you invest in India? India is not really changing. India will not be the next China. Modernisation hasn’t brought in the concept of thinking in India. The system just does not work in India. Hawala system of money transfer that works very efficiently. When India imposes capital controls, why should outsiders invest in India? Where in the world to live? Most of the world outside the West is dysfunctional, certainly not places to start one’s career. Europe and North America are still great places to live, despite that they are losing their freedoms and rationality rather rapidly. Government is merely the symptom of the social malaise. What are the major trends around the world?

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  • I am very curious, there is no legitimate libertarian movement in the UK. The closest there is to that is the eurosceptic crowd (which all of us fall under anyway), which isn’t libertarian anyway, due to the majority of eurosceptics being statists. Are there just too few of us in the UK to create a movement? Or are we all just hiding in the proverbial closet about our love of liberty? The silence from the UK compared to the US regarding liberty is so deafening, there seems to be nobody from the UK that is bringing attention to the evils of statism and promoting liberty, libertarian ethics, the NAP, anarcho-capitalism, etc. and I want to change that, so how do we go about this? Edit: And I’m not talking about a political movement, or a libertarian party. There is no dialogue whatsoever in the UK about these issues, and I think we need to deal with that.

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  • Calling all Ancaps in the London area. I have started a meetup group for those interested in getting together on a semi-regular basis. The idea is to have speakers come in and talk on issues pertaining to us (crypto-currency, decentralisation, ethics, etc) much like the Libertarian Home meetups. However, this will only be possible once a core group develops. Check out the link here: Hope to see you all there.

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  • Cobden Centre Cobden Centre

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