Interviewee: Madhusudan Raj, Assistant Professor of Economics at Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, India


Some people think that India is a country of spirituality. Contrary to the perception of some, India is very unsafe and very materialistic. Conmen trap foreign tourists arriving in major cities—Mumbai, Delhi, etc.—even before they pass customs and immigration. This means that corruption happens openly in full and open connivance of senior government officers. Indians are sexually repressed. There was a recent case of mass-rape, but nothing was ever reported on this. Honor killings are not unknown. Foreign women are very unsafe, but even Indian women are not safe. Hypocrisy is common. Judiciary and police system is extremely corrupt. Caste system is rampant. Oppression of the lower caste is common and mostly goes unreported. Even University professors practice caste system. They look down at Chinese, Africans, lower-caste, Muslims, etc. There is so much obvious corruption in India—in government and in the society—that all the talk about reducing corruption is nothing but plain hypocrisy. Every moment to moment life is influenced by corruption. Some Indians hope that English—who were better than the junkies who rule India today—somehow come back to run India. Most Indians are hypocrites. Tribalism is rampant, so much so that even sub-sects of Hindus hate each other. Indians society lacks the concept of reason and morality. As a result they have no sense of justice and fairness.

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  • Statists seem to reject anarchy based on a fundamental fear of giving people freedom. That freedom is what turns people evil. Parents today seem to control their children out of that same fear that people in the world can’t be trusted and will hurt their child, and it is so bad the kid needs to be kept in a bubble 24/7. But also, the child is controlled because free play and exploration is seen as so dangerous, as if a child directing their own life is the catalyst to societal destruction. Then the child grows up through the trauma, unable to handle life or freedom and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The parents’ worst fears are realized as true as their now adult child struggles to handle freedom for the first time. So often I see this covered up and ignored, that people are oblivious to the cycle of abuse and continually believe that murderers pop up out of nowhere for no reason. Just think, if statists knew what really caused people to become mentally ill, criminals, and/or murderers, then they would support anarchy as a way of minimizing this.   It’s funny how anarchy is the best solution for the most destructive society as well as evolving that society into something much better.

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  • Is there such a thing as a victimless crime?  If a thief robs a Bank, aren’t all the customers and the Bank victims? Can anyone point to any kind of a crime that is not with a basic lack of respect for the other members of society?  In recent years States have enacted “Hate” Crime Laws or enhancements to sentences.  Isn’t the act of committing a Crime an act which lacks respect for the other members of a society.  How does it change when you call it: For the Crime of the Hate?

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  • Or should there be prisons? There was one video I saw on You tube but I cant find it, stating “No prisons in a Free society.” If everyone carried guns, would we even need State/Federal prisons? I believe you should have private institutions like extended care living facilities that could be charity based, to look after so called, “criminals.” My idea, was that you can have one that looks after each-type-of-crime. Such as, having one facility for violent criminals, another for sex criminals, and another for theft. That way, each category can be examined separately instead of throwing them in all-together which is a festering danger. If any of you can help me find information on no prisons in a free society., please let me know. Videos are always great and easy.

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  • In a stateless society, there is no monopoly on criminal justice that can grant immunity from prosecution to a minor criminal in order to get testimony that can convict a major criminal. One court company could grant immunity, but then another could use the minor criminal’s testimony to pursue a case against that person. Is there a way to make this work, or would a stateless society have to seek justice without the evidence gained from immunity grants?

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  • “Vices are those acts by which a man harms himself or his property.  Crimes are those acts by which one man harms the person or property of another.  Vices are simply the errors which a man makes in his search after his own happiness.  Unlike crimes, they imply no malice toward others, and no interference with their persons or property” – Lysander Spooner, “Vices Are Not Crimes: A Vindication of Moral Liberty” 1875

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