Talking with Mithun B Dutta, founder of and, organizations that promote liberty and Austrian Economics in India. History the way it is taught is always flawed, for winners write it. Is history a kind of science? To properly study history one must approach it as a science, to analyse and critically examine the written history. Often you have to look beyond language, for history taught in schools is perverted. Look at value judgements made, facts provided, artifacts used, imperialistic tendencies, etc. to critically examine the taught history. For example, it is taught that the English imposed their goods on India. The reality is that Indian goods were expensive and of low quality. Watch Gare Baire, a movie, to get a glimpse of what the situation during India’s “independence” movement was. India was an extremely superstitious society when English ruled. It was not worth fighting for “independence” when Indian minds were not free. Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, whose poems ironically became national anthems of India and Bangladesh, should be read to help critically examine India’s history.

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