Teaching students about capitalism in East Europe. Liberty camps started in Lithuania, soon after the Berlin wall had fallen. There are three camps in Lithuania now. They have changed the nature of teaching to more practical application, rather than theory. More camps in Georgia. Theory is more important than practical benefits. Science is more important than engineering. Engineering is more important than manufacturing. People lack patience to understand science. In the US, best engineers are from foreign countries. Foundations are being eroded, as people lose interest in science. How libertarianism originated? Did it develop in the last 400 years or during the Greek-Roman days? Libertarianism developed as a synthesis between Greek and Roman culture. Why has interest in science declined? Government school system is likely the fountainhead of the problem. People are more interested in creature comforts: TV, cars, etc. Smartphones have reduced our patience to read a book. Decline in intelligence and education in the US. People lack creativity. American science programs are packed with foreigners. People are more interested in the practice of free-enterprise than in the theory behind it. If you don’t understand theory, you cannot convince other people.

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