Growing health problem around the world. Obesity and lifestyle diseases are becoming increasingly common. Loss of faith in modern medical profession. Too much specialisation in today’s medical education at the cost of holistic understanding of the human body. Doctors hardly specify how you can take preventive action, in terms of control of diet and change of environment. Lack of curiosity among the medication profession on how disease can be controlled using alternative means. Often they focus on symptoms but fail to look for the root of the problem. Government licensing system has corrupted the medical system, for they have imposed bureaucratic standards at the cost of any other possibilities of teaching medicine. Modern medical education is not about health-care but about treatment of the sick, alleviating symptoms without regard of the underlying cause, often resulting in worsening of the underlying cause.

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  • This stuff is awesome. What other common goods do people use? Epic stuff!

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  • I’m an Anesthesiologist and am trying to reach out to other Anesthesiologists in the nation to request their support. This year at the society meeting (over 15K attendees) the ASA has Dr. Michael Portman, an economist, head of the Harvard Business school… as the keynote speaker.  I’d like to counter with an Austrian economist at next year’s conference in Boston.  I’ve corresponded with Tom Woods, and now just need to get the ASA to hear from members and/or attendees, that they’d like the ASA to invite Dr. Woods. I’d be most grateful for any and all help getting ASA members, anesthesiologists, nurse anesthetists, anesthesia assistants, to contact the ASA and encourage them to invite Dr. Tom Woods. even if you could forward my request to folks you believe may be able to assist, I’d be grateful!   thanks!

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