Students for Liberty and Ron Paul. Should some of those in SFL advocate US involvement in Ukraine? Washington grabbing more and more power every year. First they demonize a group they want to invade. They get the media to create an environment of hatred. With this they set up the background to start their wars. Moscow is incompetent and far less rich than the US. Did some SFL member aggressively spoke and wrote for involvement against Russia. Do SFL members who want wars contribute towards a bigger state or a smaller one? Islam is a very irrational religion, as are all other religions. Smearing Muslims in isolation makes no sense, particularly when the intention is not to laugh at them but to invade their societies. SFL should work towards reducing the power of Washington, not to add to it. Has Ron Paul politicised students and must share some of the blame? Has Washington become the new Vatican? The US has hundreds of military bases around the world. In Japan, the US is seen an invader. In a few years, people in Ukraine will be hating the US. Ayn Rand always believed that USSR was incompetent even when the world believed it was very strong.

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  • Hey, so I will be co-president of my university’s libertarian group and president of the secular student alliance next year. Aside from a separation of church and state event, what might be a cool event or presentation to do that could help members of either group learn more about the other? Note: a large number of our campus’ libertarians are non-religious and a large number of our secular student group members (Secular Student Alliance) are socially left and economically all over the place.

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  • How do you think a non-aggressionist should think about what is happening in the Ukraine?

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  • Many of us like to associate with like-minded people, but there is something to be said for associating with opposite-minded people. Know thy enemy. In this case, I was listening to a lobbyist who has written “As a Democrat, I think the government has a role to help people.”  I can’t imagine what role the criminally insane can have in helping people, and I can’t help but imagining what harm they can do. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. A telling statement made by this lobbyist was “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.” I think this is a concise summary of the evil of government power, but for this lobbyist it was an invitation to get involved in lobbying government to defend your interests and promote your pet projects. Microsoft had no lobbyists and ignored the government until the company was attacked with vicious anti-trust actions by the government. Subsequently, Microsoft invested heavily in lobbyists. It seems that government is a self-perpetuating power machine that cannot fail to grow.

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