Nick Giambruno, Sr. Editor, Doug Casey’s International Man.

Why must you internationalize? Why you must understand that your government is your biggest source of risk? “Flag theory” to secure your life and assets. Even minor internalization gives you insurance against out-of-control government. Compromises start small, you concede, and slowly degradation keeps snowballing. Should you wait for internationalization until things start getting worse or things can start changing rather abruptly once a tipping point is reached. Nationalism is a propaganda to keep you enslaved. Avoid worthless college degrees. Instead travel and learn about the world, at a much lower cost. ┬áHear from someone who has lived a long time in the Middle East.

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  • So how many of you on here have invested in the project in Chile? I have had my eye on investing there for a while. It looks so impressive!

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  • I sold all of my EE bonds in 2014 and bought Bitcoins with the proceeds. I did this because I considered holding them to be willfully receiving stolen money. As everyone knows, Treasuries are backed by the full faith and credit of a state, along with its taxing power. My conclusion is that no consistent libertarian should be using T-bonds or T-bills. Thoughts?

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