Kerala, a province of India, which has had a very long tradition of communism. Despite very high literacy-rate, why has it lacked in industrialization? Why communist ideology has such deep roots in Kerala? Left came to power because of support from oppressed classes. Education does not necessarily mean what ideology one has. All it means that one knows how to read and write. Why communism found so much support only in Kerala and West Bengal, why not in the rest of India? Christianity and Islam require people to have more of collective identity than Hinduism does. Kerala’s model of development is similar to that of Cuba’s. The protection money racket. Kerala a province of strikes. The ability to think critically is seriously discouraged. Rote-learning is encouraged.

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  • I would like to start a dialogue on this topic within the libertarian christian community. Do you believe that the government has a role to play in marriage? i.e. Legalizing same sex marriage or keeping it off the books, or should marriage be between the parties involved and the state has no role to play?

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  • Morrakiu has an interesting playlist of videos where he argues that conservatives/libertarians/reactionaries/alt-righters should support leftist policies not at face value, but because they actually undermine the leftist agenda. Thoughts?

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  • Welfare Militarism & The Rise Of The Islamic State Thoughts?

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  • Regarding this video from @akokesh: – The Restraint of Muslims (WARNING: GRAPHIC VIOLENCE) | Adam Kokesh I created a LL account for the first time to get involved in the discussions over there. Pretty interesting responses. Everyone there is assuming Adam is a Muslim or a Jew, or claiming he “forgot” 9/11 (when he referenced it in the video), or calling it “bullshit” without substantiation. I’m interested as to the Lme userbase’s response. Please watch the whole thing before commenting.

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  • Are any of man’s philosophies so different from liberty that they are incompatible? I contend the idea of making such a judgement in itself is unethical. !!! Blog Vs Blog !!! Some say Islam is incompatible with Liberty: I say such assertions themselves are incompatible with Liberty: What do YOU say?

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