What is life like growing up in India, particularly as a woman? Life in Amritsar, a holy city for Sikh. Amritsar is socially a very conservative town. Male child is preferred, even more in Punjab than elsewhere. Females are seen as burden on the family. Women are not allowed to be what they want to be. You must be conservatively dressed, even when it is 42 Celsius. You must conform to social pressures. If not, you are seen as a deviant. When a male child comes home late, it is not seen as a problem. But huge restriction on women. Religion is very binding. Also, there are not many opportunities to grow. In common conception, when a girl done education she must be married. Her job is to be a good housewife. Women seen at fault when something goes wrong. Most women OK with the status quo. Most will not oppose the traditions, as they are well blended. Traveling outside the country opened eyes in terms of thinking for herself. Are men allowed to be themselves? Even they don’t have much social freedom, but they are better off than women are. Even men might not have freedom to be think for themselves. They must give in to peer pressure. Why Indians don’t seek liberty? They likely don’t have an alternative and they are satisfied with their lives. Fighting the society is too much for most people. Does moving abroad changes your outlook, does it shake you to think differently? One must go out and explore new ideas and new ways of life.

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  • Semantics matters. Feminist and feminism are loaded words and so heavily unpopular that we need to be reinvented as something more brave, loving and inclusive, and freedom, being the essential element of feminism is a good place to start. Please let us brainstorm to reinvent, transform or reincarnate the ideas of feminism in a new name.  I’ll start…  Freeminists,  Freedomistas, La Free Movement, Equalism, Libertistas, The Fair and Free, The Equitable movement. EEEkkkkk this is not an easy task, jump in with ideas!!

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