The New York Times published a piece today on rising inequality and the difference in opportunity between low-income workers today and the ones of the 1980’s. I read the article defensively at first. It is the New York Times after all. But after the first

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  • While I think most if not all agree there is no “ideal” tax system because any tax is ethically theft and economically distortionary, I still think it a intellectually stimulating and useful exercise to discuss alternative tax systems because… – When talking to non-libertarian starting from the position of “here is a better alternative” can at least spark them thinking beyond the standard logic and get them on their way to “abolishment” because the cons of all tax systems become clearer as you think about them more critically   here are some video on alternatives I’ve discussed in the past to get the convo going  

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  • Greetings, I can post Pages and reply to other people with no issue. When I publish an “Article” it cannot be visited. Searches on WordPress seem to suggest it is a problem withPermalinks and an htaccess file, but following suggestions to reassert Permalink settings has no effect. Changing the page address is no avail. Perhaps someone else has encountered this problem and solved it? example: Thanks for any observations

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  • Perhaps you will find this magnificent BBC documentary interesting. It tells the story of the ancient city of Caral, a little north of Lima on the coast of Peru, which is arguably the oldest city in and the beginning of civilization in the Americas. The Lost Pyramids Of Caral There are two points I would like to make about the story told therein of Caral which I think are relevant to libertarians. 1) The early civilization of Caral apparently arose purely out of commerce. This confirms the insights of the Austrian school of economics. And it may be an example of a commercially organized cooperative human society that antedates the rise of any state. 2) This contradicts the presumptions brought to the study by the archaeologists. For one example, at 7:20 one states the following. You can’t build … on the basis of consensus. You have to have leaders and followers. You have to have specialists. You have to have people who are in charge. People who can tell individual groups, alright, today you will be doing this. This group you are going to be doing something different. In other words, in his academic world, the possibility is inconceivable of that human cooperation could be organized by trade — the marketplace — rather than authority.

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