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Newest podcasts

The Resistance Podcast – You Have A Choice

with Josh Carter

Tonight on the Resistance Podcast, Bryce and I take a look at presidential hopefuls Jill Stein (Green Party) and Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party), and their differing philosophies. At the Resistance we fully believe that non-participation is acquiescence to the status-quo, and that if you want to be free, the status-quo is precisely what must be challenged. We find ourselves, this election cycle, at a momentous crossroads; as Americans will set the precedent for the future political landscape. With two candidates [Read More]

Liberty Entrepreneurs – Building an Online Fitness Company w/ Rob Dionne

with Ashe Whitener

Welcome back!  My guest today is Rob Dionne, founder of  I met Rob at the Podcast Movement 2016 conference while grabbing a bite to eat at one of the local restaurants.  We struck up a quick discussion on podcasting and were both VERY passionate about our respective shows.  Entrepreneurs tend to have more passion and energy than most people I met, but something stuck out about Rob.  I decided to invite him on to tell his story about building [Read More]

Remso Republic – Joey Clark and the Seduction of Power

with Remso W. Martinez

Remso and the host of the Joey Clark Radio Hour and the Bunbury Report, Joey Clark, discuss how even good men are corrupted by absolute power. [Read More]

The Justin Mohr Show – Austrian Economists explain what’s happening in the Economy, outlook for gold and what negative interest rates really mean!

with Justin Mohr

Interest rates have been near 0% for almost eight years now and we have printed trillions of dollars into the economy since 2008!  Negative interest rates are happening all over the world… What does all this really mean!? Where is the U.S. economy going? Are we really in a recovery like Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen says? Is gold a good place to put money even after the 25% rally just this year?  Don’t miss this panel discussion with top [Read More]

Welcome to the Midside – The White Pantsuits Matter Edition

with Justin M. Lesniewski

As the Democratic Party confirmed the first ever female major party nominee for President, The New York Times wrote an article about what really mattered--her clothes. The guys discuss that story as well as the idea that anyone who says "All Lives Matter" is racist and doesn't realize it before addressing a couple minor quotes in preparation for the release of Suicide Squad. [Read More]

The Power & Market Report – Adrian Day on Post-Brexit Investing and Gold Stocks

with Albert Lu

Adrian Day, CEO of Adrian Day Asset Management, joins Albert at FreedomFest 2016 to discuss his strategy for investing in a post-brexit economy. [Read More]

Bunbury Report Presents The Joey Clark Radio Hour – Peter Kallman

with Joey Clark

Joey Clark sits down with libertarian activist and Mises Institute ambassador, Peter Kallman, to talk about Peter's week at Mises University, why he only tips in cash, and why he became a libertarian in the first place. [Read More]

The Tatiana Show – Derrick J. Freeman of Freedom Feens & Michelle Ray of In Deep

with Tatiana Moroz

Tatiana and Josh interview Derrick J. Freeman of Freedom Feens Radio Show & Michelle Ray of In Deep. -Derrick J Freeman is a peace activist, podcaster, and video producer living in Keene, NH, the Libertarian Media Capital of the World. Derrick J is a regular host of terrestrial radio shows like Free Talk Live and Freedom Feens. He also performs on live internet radio vodcasts Peace News, Bitcoin Talk Show, Sick Sad World, and The Bitcoin Group. In 2012, he [Read More]

The Isaac Morehouse Podcast – FwTK: Are Words Colonizing the World?

with Isaac Morehouse

Today we dive deep into the ideas behind a single chapter of a (weird but fascinating) book TK recommended called, "Sex, Drugs, Einstein, & Elves". It's about language, and to what extent our vocabulary actually alters our reality, not merely our attempts to give expression to it. Discussed in the episode: Marc Andreesson, George Lakoff, Ben Horowitz, Wayne Dyer, Seth Godin, Terrence McKenna, Clifford Pickover, Robert Anton Wilson, general semantics theory. Recommendations: Lexicon, and, The Tyranny of Words Also, sign [Read More]

The Tim Preuss Podcast – Killer Kids

with Tim Preuss

Tim and Brian show off the Podcast’s versatility and barely discuss Hillary and Trump, instead going over news of a hot air balloon crash, bizarre stories of kids killing, and a mother who let her 3 yr old child die in a washing machine. [Read More]

The LAVA Spurt – The Trump Porn Edition

with The LAVA Flow

This is the seventh episode of The LAVA Spurt, The Trump Porn Edition, where we talk about Trump’s hypocrisy over porn. [Read More]

The Economy – Doug Casey on Speculating and The Donald

with Albert Lu

Doug Casey joins Albert at FreedomFest 2016 in Las Vegas. [Read More]

The LAVA Flow – The DNC WikiLeaks Edition

with The LAVA Flow

In this fortnight’s episode, The DNC WikiLeaks Edition, we talk about the big DNC WikiLeaks email drop, What’s in the News with stories on guns in Europe, a bunch of police misconduct, guns in Massachusetts, and freedom of speech, and a segment with some news on my future endeavors in podcasting. [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Nasser Arrabyee

with Scott Horton

Nasser Arrabyee, a Yemeni journalist based in Sanaa, discusses the political unification of Houthi militias and former president Ali Abdullah Saleh’s party as Yemenis from the north and south risk their lives to fight against Saudi Arabia’s unrelenting destruction of the country. [Read More]

The Jason Stapleton Program – Johnson/Weld get Twice the Votes of a Dead Gorilla

with Jason Stapleton

Yeah, it’s crazy election season, and a new poll shows that Harambe, the gorilla shot dead at the Cincinnati Zoo, received 5% of the vote in a three-way matchup against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. With some polls showing the Johnson/Weld ticket polling at 8-10%, the campaign finally has some good news they can spin. Perhaps the headline should read, “Johnson/Weld lead Harambe by 5 Points!” EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it. Mr. Bean and Wild Bill have a commanding [Read More]

The Freedom Report – Libertarians For Trump

with Austin Petersen

Today's special episode of the Freedom Report podcast features Liberty Laura Meyers and Austin Petersen discussing the libertarians in the Republican Party who are supporting Donald Trump. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Thomas Massie, and Justin Amash all took wildly different approaches to dealing with the Donald, but what is the right way for freedom fighters? Petersen and Meyers deconstruct the current political swamp, and feature an extra special clip from our hero Penn Jillette, who had some very kind words [Read More]

The Remso Republic – The Libertarian Republic Editor In Chief Keith Farrell Talks Culture

with Remso W. Martinez

What is a conservatarian? And what do comic books and movies say about us as a society today? Listen to the show and find out! [Read More]

Power & Market Report – Chris Martenson Predicts Oil Supply Shortage

with Albert Lu

US stocks hit new highs and close up for the 4th consecutive week. Tesla gets pushback on their "Master Plan". And, Dr. Chris Martenson of predicts an oil supply shortage in 2-3 years. For more insightful market commentary and exclusive interviews visit: Subscribe to our YouTube channel here: Visit us on Facebook: And on Twitter @albertklu Thanks for watching! [Read More]

The Isaac Morehouse Podcast – Encryption for Everyone, with Henry Boldizsar

with Isaac Morehouse

Thanks to Edward Snowden, we now know that governments have the power to (and do) read emails and texts and monitor online activity in a variety of ways. It's creepy. Even some of the applications we use (and voluntarily agree to terms with) collect more data than we'd sometimes like. Today's guest is creating a way for anyone to encrypt any message on any platform. It's called Felony, but it's not a crime! Felony allows you to encrypt messages, verify [Read More]

The Justin Mohr Show – FreedomFest 2016 recap and there’s a reason for optimism!

with Justin Mohr

FreedomFest was an absolutely fantastic event. If you didn’t make it this year you missed out!  So many fantastic speakers and debates and all the biggest names in the liberty movement were there. Going to events like this shows us there’s a reason to be optimistic. Just look at all the talent we have on the libertarian side. We may be small in number but we are extremely effective and some of the smartest guys alive today are libertarian! You [Read More]

Welcome To The Midside – The 2016 Convention Edition

with Justin M. Lesniewski

It's convention season so the guys delve into all the crap coming from the Republicans, the Democrats, and the nerds. After pushing through politics to dismiss the Donald, Hillary, and Twitter, they tackle trailers to understand the upcoming...and Twitter. Find out why Daniel says, "It's the perfect devil's shit storm." [Read More]

You, Me, And BTC – Hard Forks – Trusting the Bitcoin Network

with Daniel Brown

This is episode 133 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast! This week’s show is all about the Ethereum hard fork and what it might mean for Bitcoin. With the help of a hard fork, the Ethereum community has now officially erased The Dao Hack from their blockchain. They now have two versions of their cryptocurrency. The old chain respects the original rules of the network and lets the hacker keep his money. The new one respects the decisions of [Read More]

Bunbury Report Presents the Joey Clark Radio Hour – Sarah Skwire

with Joey Clark

Joey interviews Sarah Skwire about the intersection between art and politics. What is art's role in advancing the cause of liberty? Should art ever take a back seat to political ideology? These questions and more. [Read More]

Unbiased America – Democratic National Convention

with Team

Democratic National Convention [Read More]

The Tim Preuss Podcast – An Intellectual Conversation with a Bernie Supporter

with Tim Preuss

Tim welcomes special guest Ashley to the podcast to have a one-on-one conversation about not just Bernie Sanders himself, but also about their differences in opinion regarding capitalism and socialism. Where do these two differ, and where do they agree? Listen to find out. A fantastic conversation! [Read More]

The Economy – Young Turks v. Infowars at RNC

with Albert Lu

Reporting from the 2016 Sprott Natural Resources Symposium in Vancouver. Chaos erupts at RNC when Alex Jones visits the Young Turks. [Read More]

The Scott Horton Show – Jeffrey Carr

with Scott Horton

Jeffrey Carr, a cyber intelligence expert and CEO of Taia Global, Inc., discusses his fact-checking of Josh Marshall’s TalkingPointsMemo article that claims a close alliance between Trump and Putin; and why the individuals blaming Russia for the DNC email hack are more motivated by politics than solid evidence. [Read More]

The Jason Stapleton Show – Banks Now Call For Helicopter Money To Save Them From Collapse

with Jason Stapleton

We’re going to start with some discussion about the DNC last night. It’s apparent the progressives are using a “divide and conquer” approach to victory this year. Divide you by race, class, gender, sexual identity or otherwise and then ensure you they are the only group that can protect your (enter your group) from the oppression it is under. From there we shift gears to something you’re not going to hear any mainstream news outlet covering. For the past year [Read More]

Free Cities Podcast – Startup Societies Conference Recap

with Anthony Caprio

Preston Martin is on the show to discuss the recent conference in New Hampshire. [Read More]

Economics Detective – The Costs Of Ethnic Diversity With Garett Jones

with Garrett Petersen

Garett Jones returns to the podcast to discuss the issue of ethnic diversity. There is a wide body of research showing that ethnic diversity can reduce the productivity of teams, firms, and even whole countries. [Read More]

The Resistsance Podcast – Reform Through Fracture

with Josh Carter

With the official nomination of Donald Trump Josh renounces his affiliation to the Republican Party and talks with Bryce about why voting third party isn’t a waste of a vote but, rather, is a necessary and effective method of protest to reform the American Political Machine. [Read More]

Liberty Entrepreneurs – Building A Vending Machine Empire W Matt Miller

with Ashe Whitener

My guest today is Matt Miller, Founder and President of School Spirit Vending, a vending machine company that helps schools fundraise internally rather than asking children to go door to door. In today’s episode, we discuss: What it felt like to be so poor that he was declined for a payday loan. How $100 opened the door to a million dollar business The importance of homeschooling and how parents are an essential (and often missing) ingredient to help children understand [Read More]

The Freedom Report – Why Did The GOP Nominate Progressive Donald Trump?

with Austin Petersen

Today's episode of the Freedom Report podcast is a tour de force of conservative and libertarian ideology. Peppered with former Libertarian Party candidate Austin Petersen's "bumper sticker phrases," this podcast discusses how Republicans were beaten and bamboozled by the Trumpster. Also, what's the difference between a conservative and a libertarian? Petersen sums it all up in this fantastic special episode of the Freedom Report podcast. [Read More]

Remso Republic – Republican Congressional Candidate Rebekah Bydlak

with Remso W. Martinez

Republican congressional candidate from Florida, Rebekah Bydlak, joins the show in order to discuss what this liberty minded candidate brings to the table! Did I mention Ron Paul endorsed her? I thought that part would get your heart racing... [Read More]

The LAVA Spurt – The 28 Pages Later Edition

with The LAVA Flow

Thank you for joining me on the sixth episode of The LAVA Spurt, The 28 Pages Later Edition, where we talk about the classified 28-page report finally released by Congress and President Obama. The “28 pages,” secret document was part of a 2002 congressional investigation of the Sept. 11 attacks and has been classified since the report’s completion. This document has been big news for a long time, pretty much since it was made secret 14 years ago. But now, it’s been released [Read More]

The Isaac Morehouse Podcast – You Can’t Teach Entrepreneurship (but You Can Squash it), from RP Radio

with Isaac Morehouse

Kevin Geary (previous guest of this podcast) brings me on his Revolutionary Parent Radio to discuss raising kids who have entrepreneurial know-how. You can't teach entrepreneurship. Attempts to do so are silly. But, you can provide an environment that allows the entrepreneurial spark we all have to grow. School and authoritarian structures do just the opposite. The best thing is to first do no harm. Get out of the way. Remove the things that artificially increase the cost of failure, [Read More]

You, Me, And BTC – Ian Freeman on LRN.FM’s Fundraiser & Tim’s Terror Talk

with Daniel Brown

This is episode 132 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast! First up today, Daniel sits down with The Liberty Radio Network‘s Ian Freeman to chat about his 2016 satellite fundraiser. LRN.FM hosts a number of liberty-oriented shows including Ian’s own show, Free Talk Live, and of course, You, Me, and BTC. The network already broadcasts 24/7 on numerous AM and FM radio stations and on two satellites covering North America, Central America, and Sub-Saharan Africa, but Ian knows the [Read More]

Welcome To The Midside – The Attack on Nice

with Justin M. Lesniewski

The guys discuss the Nice Attack and Japan's return to fascism before Justin rips into the New Ghostbusters movie. They also consider a listener's comment on Iron Man's sacrifice in The Avengers and if it's a problem that three men wrote the upcoming Wonder Woman movie. [Read More]

Kinsella On Liberty – Johnny Rocket Launch Pad Episode 97

with Stephan Kinsella

I was a guest on the fun and zany libertarian podcast “Johnny Rocket Launch Pad,” Episode 97. They fired questions at me one after another, and I did my best to field them. The sound effects were added later. From the shownotes page: What are some things libertarians commonly get wrong? What bad habits do we fall into, with regard to philosophy and law? This week we are joined by the intellectual giant Stephan Kinsella, who brings his experience in law, and philosophy [Read More]

The Justin Mohr Show – Alan Greenspan sees massive Inflation and an Economic Crisis coming our way!

with Justin Mohr

Alan Greenspan recently sat down for a 30 minute interview on Bloomberg TV and what he said in that interview is shocking for a former Federal Reserve chairman to say. A few of the shocking statements Greenspan says are played on this episode. Greenspan sees inflation coming our way and he says just way, it’s coming! Alan Greenspan even says we should return to a gold standard and that our country experienced the most prosperity when we were on the [Read More]

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